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How to Convert Youtube to Mp3 online Easily

Want to convert “YouTube to Mp3” online for free? Here are the quick and easiest method for YouTube converter. You can easily convert YouTube to Mp3 and download it online using this method.

Downloading videos from YouTube is cool but most of you would like to download only the audio from a music video. I have a perfect solution for you folks!

“YouTube to Mp3” Online Conversion and Download:

Follow the steps below to convert YouTube to Mp3 and download Mp3 file online from the YouTube.

Step 1: Go to YouTube website and click on the any video that you want to convert into a Mp3. After that, In the URL of that video simply replace the word YouTube with listentoyoutube and click enter.

youtube mp3 conversion

Step 2: After the above step, you will be redirected to website. This is where you are going to convert and download “YouTube to mp3”.

Step 3: In that website, click on Go button and the YouTube video will be converted into an mp3 file in few seconds. Wait until the YouTube video gets fully converted into Mp3 file.

Step 4: After the above step, a download link will be generated in the website stating CLICK HERE to get your Download Link of your YouTube Mp3 file.

Download YouTube MP3

Step 5: Click on that link. The Mp3 audio file will start downloading on your computer.

Isn’t it simple and easy to convert “YouTube to Mp3” with the above mentioned steps? You might be also interested in this topic on how to skip YouTube Ads easily.

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