WhatsApp Hidden Features – Everything You Should Know!

 WhatsApp has become the most widely used social messaging app in the world as of now. Especially in countries like India, it has become the market leader in messaging services. Almost every smartphone user in India uses WhatsApp for communicating with their loved ones.
Since Instant Messaging became popular many companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft has developed their own Instant Messaging apps but, none of them has become a huge hit as the WhatsApp. Well, this is the reason behind the acquisition of WhatsApp by the Facebook INC for a humongous 19 billion USD deal.

As of now, there are over a billion active users in WhatsApp which makes it the most widely used Instant Messaging app on the planet.  

Some Interesting Facts About WhatsApp:

About  42 billion messages are sent per day on WhatsApp.
Over 1.6 billion pics are shared on each day on WhatsApp.
About 250 million videos are shared each day on WhatsApp.
Last but not least, there are over 1 billion active WhatsApp groups.
Though there are these many users on WhatsApp, many people are not much aware of the full potential of it. The below discussed guide may prove useful for those who are unaware of many hidden features.  

New Features in WhatsApp:

Add formatting to your messages:

With the latest update WhatsApp has rolled out the text formatting ability.

You can now bold, italics and strikethrough any text on your chats with the help of  special characters.
Add Formatiing

WhatsApp has recently added the ability to format text. You can bold, italicize and strikethrough any text by surrounding it with special characters when you tap it out.

To bold text: Add asterisks (*) sign on either side of the text (*bold*).

To italicize text: Add underscores (_) to either side of the text (_italics_).

To strikethrough text: Add tildes (~) sign on either side of the text (~tilde~).

Disable Read Receipts:

You can turn OFF Read Receipts which indicates the messages has been delivered and read by the recipient.
Disable Read Receipts
If you don’t want to show the recipient when you’re reading their messages then, you can disable it in the settings option.   
Go to Settings > Account > Privacy and then uncheck the Read Receipts option to turn OFF the Read Recipient option.

Hide ‘Last Seen’ timestamp:

You can disable the ‘Last Seen’ timestamp so that no one can see your last seen timestamp.

Hide Last Seen
Go to Settings > Account > Privacy and then tap on the “Last Seen” > choose either My Contacts, which allows people in your contacts list to see your status, or choose Nobody, which doesn’t allow anyone to see your last seen status.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats:

You can backup and restore your chats to a new phone. This helps you a lot when you switch from one phone to another.( New Smartphone).

Backup and Restore chat

Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and then Tap Back Up Now. If you bought a new smartphone and wanted to restore your old chats, simply download the latest app on your new smartphone and restore the chats from the chat backup.  

Save conversation as a text file:

This is an interesting and very useful feature which allows you to save a conversation( All messages in that Chat).

Open the chat for the individual or group of your choice.
Tap on the Menu > More> Email chat and then select whether to Attach Media or not. After the above step, an email will be created with your chat history attached as a text document.

Block contacts:

Want to get rid of unwanted text messages? You have an option to do that! With the Block Contact option in your WhatsApp app.

Block contacts

Tap on the any chat (conversation) that you want to block and tap on the header of the conversations (which displays their name or number). Tap Block this Contact.

Mute group chats:

Sometimes Group chats in your WhatsApp may become annoying as there will be several new messages every now and then.
Mute group
In order to tackle this WhatsApp has the mute option to get rid of annoying notifications all the time from the group chats.
For Apple iPhone users: Open the group chat of your choice and tap on the header (subject ) to get the Group Info. In that Group Info screen, tap Mute and then set the time frame of your choice.

For Android users: Open the group chat of your choice and then tap on the Menu > Mute and then set the time frame of your choice.
These features are new to many of you until now. Download the latest version of WhatsApp for here Desktop , Android, iPhone. Keep visiting my blog for more Stuff and learn more about latest technology. Have more tips? Comment your thoughts!

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