US FCC inches close to the launch of 5G Wireless Communications!

Say Goodbye to the hours of frustration while downloading a large file on the Internet! The US Federal Communications Commission has released higher frequency wireless bands for commercial use, which could be the biggest and most worthwhile expansion of the wireless Internet yet.

The FCC took a key step towards increasing the wireless speeds of up to 10-fold by voting unanimously to open the hardly used higher frequency airwaves for commercial purposes. These airwaves are capable of transmitting data at blazing speeds and are dubbed as the 5G or fifth generation wireless networks. It is seen as a successor to the so called 4G networks that is currently used today by most of the wireless carriers throughout the world.

These higher frequency airwaves involved in the upcoming 5G networks were of little use until the announcement from FCC, since the concrete walls or even the rain drops can hinder the transmission of these airwaves. Researchers have found a way to overcome these obstacles and transmit these signals to whole new types of wireless receivers that looks like a compact smoke alarms, instead of the towering roadside transmitters that we see today.

5G network promises high speed data services within short distances without any delays in latencies that limit the speed of 4G networks today.  US wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon Communications, Sprint and T-Mobile US have sprung into action to adapt and develop the 5G ecosystem. This is an essential step to make the USA as a world leader in adaption to the 5G networks.

With the help of companies like Nokia, Ericsson and Qualcomm, wireless carriers have revealed plans to test and adapt 5G technology. With the commencement of 5G, the number of smart devices connected to the Internet is said to reach 500 billion by 2020.  From now on, after 10 years more and more smartphones, drones and robots will all become part of the so-called internet of things (5G Ecosystem).

5G networks will enhance the applications of most of the internet connected devices and enormous machine-to-machine interactions which results in huge benefits to us, like the real-time traffic monitoring and vast range of other applications.

The most attractive part of this 5G spectrum release by FCC is that the public wireless carriers in US are actively developing the devices and equipments required for the 5G network adoption.

Though FCC has released the spectrum for 5G, it may take 4-5 years to fully deploy the 5G networks commercially. There is a huge potential lying in the 5G networks, since it can transmit data at much faster rates than that of the current 4G networks.