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Everything About Pokemon Go – How To Catch ’em all!

Pokémon, the world famous franchise back in the 90s has now become a new sensation for mobile gamers across the world. Nintendo– the company behind Pokemon has collaborated with Niantic Labs (a Google spun off company) to revive the Pokemon for 2016, with latest technology like the GPS and augmented reality.

With this the world famous game Pokemon Go has born. After its launch, the game has caused a global frenzy in which the players try to catch the virtual Pokémon characters in the real world using the augmented reality produced by their mobile phones.

Smartphones cameras are becoming better and better, Samsung S7, Google pixel, Apple iPhone7, Huawei P9 etc are some of the examples for this. Apart from top end smartphones, you can play pokemon Go in mid range phones like BLU R1 HD, Moto G Play, Moto G4 Plus, Samsung Galaxy J7, Blu Vivo XL2, Huawei 6X etc.

Pokemon Go is available on both iOS and Android platforms. You can download the official game for your iPhone or Android from the official Apple Store or the Google Play Store respectively.  The game has been a major hit across the globe since its launch which resulted in thousands of people to come outside of their homes to try and catch ’em all!

Pokemon Go game has crossed 100 million downloads on Google Play within a month of time. These numbers only indicate the people who have downloaded it directly from the Play Store and it doesn’t count the users who have side loaded the game, even before the app officially arrived at their region/country.
So let’s get started without wasting the time! Here we have a bunch of detailed instructions which are really useful for you to catch ’em all (catch each and every Pokemon).

Steps to get started with Pokemon Go:

Head to your Smartphone and download the official Pokemon Go for iOS or Android accordingly.

Pokemon go

After downloading and installing the game on your Smartphone, sign up for the game with your Google account or create a new Pokemon Trainer Club account.

After signing up, you are ready to join the millions of other players to try and catch all of the Pokémon.
You can set your avatar, gender, even eye colour, clothes, and a backpack style.

After completing the customization steps, the game offers you a starter Pokemon option with which you can start playing the game.

Starter Pokemon option usually has Three Pokemon namely the Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.  If you capture one of these, the other two Pokemon will vanish.
On the other hand, if you want the all time famous Pokemon Pikachu; walk away without catching the three starter Pokemon offered at the initial stage.

Pikachu will be offered by the game as a fourth starter Pokemon option. Once you capture the Pikachu, you’ll enter the Pokemon Go map.

Pokemon Go map is similar to what you have seen in Google Maps but, you’ll notice unmarked roads, local landmarks (labeled has Poke Stops or Poke Gyms), and swishing leaves (indicates the presence of wild Pokemon).
As soon as you follow the Pokemon Go map, your avatar in the game will also start to move along with you. You can tap on the player icon present in the bottom left-hand corner of your Smartphone screen to quickly view your information and achievements.

You’ll also notice a Pokeball icon present next to your player icon. Tap the Pokeball icon to access your Pokedex (database of all the Pokemon species that you’ve caught till now).
Terms in Pokedex:
Pokemon– displays the list of Pokemon that you have right now.
Items– Indicates your backpack; it stores all the items you collect during the game.
Shop– You can buy special items to attract new Pokemon and also you can redeem your coins in the shop every 20 hours.
And lastly, you’ll witness a Nearby Pokemon icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Smartphone screen. Tap it to spot the nearby Pokemon.
Pokemon might sometimes suddenly appear in your Pokemon Go map which can be recognized by a small vibration of your Smartphone. At each time you see one Pokemon, tap on it and try to catch it.

How to catch Pokemon?

So, looks like you are all setup and ready to catch your first Pokemon! At the beginning of the game, you’ll catch your first Pokemon, and then you can catch other Pokemon as the game progress.

Just walk around your premises, you’ll ultimately find one Pokemon. They usually appear near the Poke Stops that appear on your Pokemon Go map, hence visit your local landmarks, popular areas, etc in your locality to find more Pokemon.
As you move around, your avatar will also progress on the map using your Smartphone’s GPS system. When a Pokemon is nearby, it’ll eventually appear on your screen with a vibration on the Smartphone.

Once you find one Pokemon, tap on it and try to catch it. Tapping on the Pokemon will initiate an AR (Augmented Reality) experience wherein the Pokemon leaps around your environment.

Throw a Pokeball to catch the Pokemon (tap and seize your Poke Ball until the radiant ring shrinks and then  flick your Poke Ball at the Pokemon to hit its head. Release your finger after hitting the Pokemon).

If you successfully follow the steps mentioned above, you’ll definitely end up capturing the Pokemon.

Some of the Pokemon are stronger which needs a more powerful Pokeball to capture. If the ring near the Pokemon is in green color, you can easily catch it. If it’s in yellow color then, you have a chance (It is slightly difficult to catch). If it’s in red color, you need as many Poke Balls as possible or more powerful Poke Balls to catch it. Pokemon might also attempt to run away from the Poke Ball, however just flick another Poke Ball onto it and recapture it.

Levels of Difficulty
Green – Easy
Yellow- Medium
Red- Difficult

Keep in mind that you cannot catch Pokemon when you are low on supplies. Other players are also able to catch the same Pokemon. Your buddy might notice the same Pokemon, but both of you can try and catch it.

You can also make use of the special items to attract Pokemon to come your location. For example, incense freebies lure Pokemon to you for up to 30 minutes. If you apply Lure Patch at a Poke Stop, every player in the Poke Stop can catch it for up to 15 minutes.

Pokemon Go 101:

At the start of the game Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to grab the unique array of Pokemon. But there are several kinds of Pokemon with varying shapes, and sizes.

Pay attention to the types of Pokemon as you play. You’ll see Psychic, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Water, Ground, Poison, Bug, Electric, Ghost, Rock, and Normal. Certain Pokemon types are limited to particular areas. You might keep finding Flying Pokemon in one area, but if move to a local river, you might stumble on a Water Pokemon. Also, if you remain awake until night for catching Pokemon, you’ll eventually spot a Fairy Pokemon.



PokeStops are usually the landmarks that are present in your locality. PokeStops are places wherein you can collect special game items, experience, Poke Eggs (which hatch into Pokemon when you use incubators), etc. PokeStops appear as blue poles with cubes on your Pokemon Go map. Tap on these PokeStops to identify which landmark is connected with it, and then check in when you’re nearby.

The blue colored cube (PokeStops) will develop into a disc as soon as you’re close to it. Tap the blue disc to visit, and inside it there is a Poke Stop symbol and the details. Swipe the disc to get items (like Poke Eggs, Poke Balls, etc) in return. As you level up in the game, new items and freebies will be unlocked. Moreover, after you enter a Poke Stop, the pole will change to purple color and you can’t visit the same PokeStop for another 10 minutes.

Poke Trainers

Poke Trainer is all about player i.e. you. You can increase the levels as a trainer by catching more and more Pokemon, visiting to more PokeStops, and battling at the Poke Gyms. When you attain higher levels (level five), you can battle in the Poke Gyms, obtain stronger Poke Balls; make your Pokemon more powerful. The higher the level you reach, the better you be able to acquire the occupied Poke Gyms.

Poke Gyms

If you reach level five in Pokemon Go, you can visit a Poke Gym. You can now join one of the 3 colored teams namely Instinct (Yellow), Mystic (Blue), or Valor (Red). The team you prefer has nothing to do with the Pokemon you discover. Once you pick a team, you’ll join other Pokemon Go players around the globe, and every team works collectively to triumph over the supremacy.

In teams, you and your friends can jointly take over and level up the Poke Gyms. When you take up a Poke gym, you are rewarded with Poke Coins and Stardust – both of which aids you to level up the game and grow your Pokemon. Similar to the Poke Stops as mentioned earlier, Poke Gyms are significant things in the real world. By entering a preoccupied PokeGym you can start a battle to take over it.

 Hope you liked it! Comment your thoughts!