Importance of Antivirus Software in Protecting your PC

Antivirus software is a must for your PC! Did you know that it takes only a few minutes to turn your computer into a zombie computer? Cyber criminals with a help of a virus or malware can attack your computer and exploit it to generate millions of zombie computers. The worst part is that you may not even know that your computer is infected with a virus.

Computers without Antivirus Software Suffers the most:

Hackers use the infected zombie computer behind the scenes without your knowledge to generate phishing emails, spam messages and several other types of viruses. But the computer seems to be normal for you; all of the works of cyber-criminals are carried out in the background services in your zombie computer.

The recent outage of the smash hit mobile game Pokémon GO mobile game was due to a DDoS attack performed by a hacking group called OurMine.


DDoS is the short form Distributed Denial of Service attack performed with the help of zombie computers.


Due to the DDoS attack Pokémon GO serves were flooded with fake service requests which resulted in service outage causing several Pokémon GO gamers fuming.

Zombie computers make the internet a lot more dangerous place, since it infects several other computers that are connected to the network. Your computer must be protected with updated antivirus software to thwart the infection from a zombie computer.

Latest and updates Antivirus software helps guard you (and everybody on the Internet) by defending against zombie attacks. Antivirus software products can also notify you, if your computer is already infected with the zombie virus/malware.
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Why these infected computers are called “zombies?” As you may know, a zombie is the concept of an important person you are familiar with and trusted turned into something wicked by something. In the meantime, you are not aware of the fact that your best buddy has been turned evil until it’s too late.

The Trouble is You Won’t Notice it until its too Late:

It’s pretty much similar amid computers and Smartphone. Even after a flourishing zombie virus attack, your computer may possibly appear normal to you. This makes the zombie virus more dangerous, since the affected users are not aware of the breach.  Once infected you are left with no clues other than the sluggish and lumbering computer.
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Cyber criminals modify your trusted system into a zombie by planting a particular code called the “bot”. This bot permits the hacker to supervise your computer remotely and perform almost anything they wish for without your knowledge.
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Bots are used to manipulate several other computers on the network and create millions of zombies or to create phishing mails. In case, if you are experiencing sluggish and retarded performance from your computer, it is good to have updated antivirus software installed.

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The latest antivirus software helps maintain your computer from being used as a zombie in a botnet. It guards your computer from the preliminary virus attack, and eradicates bots as and when they’re detected.

Don’t let your trusted computer be the part of hacker’s evil zombie army. Install a latest updated antivirus onto your system and protect your devices from bots.

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