21st Century- World wide Effects of Industrialization

Industrialisation and its effects on our Environment:

We are now at the 21st century where industrialization is inevitable. From cooking to driving, we use energy in the form of oil and gas. These oils and gases are petroleum products produced by large industries from the age old fossil fuels.

Most of the industries emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases like dioxide of Nitrogen, Hydrogen etc. These gases are powerful enough to kill a fully grown human within seconds, if inhaled at large quantities.

Normally, trees which were cleared away for building industries protect us from these harmful gases. Look at the image below and see for yourselves on how cruelly the environment is polluted.

Developed countries around the world had learnt the catastrophic effects of environmental pollution. But there is little much they can do about it. Developed countries had controlled the destruction of environment by issuing strict laws.

Developing nations like China, India etc. are more likely to increase the industrialization process, since these nations have more of people dependent on industries.

China, one of the growing economy in the world is home to the world’s most polluted city Shanghai. People living in that city has to wear masks on their face to evade the harmful gases. With fresh air is hard to comeby , Shanghai people are now pushed to an extent where they have to buy canned bottle of fresh air to breathe.

Women wearing a Mask in the Chinese City

Now, Chinese government has taken serious measures to curb the air pollution. Though these actions prove costly, they are making it for the welfare of their people and future generations.

We cannot completely stop the industrialization process since, it is the major source of development for a country like China. We can develop other methods like solar energy, hydrogen fuels etc. to fuel our vehicles.

After all, we humans need plants and trees to survive on this planet Earth. We should learn how to deal with extreme environment pollution? Like in China.

Plants can live without Humans. Humans can’t live without plants.

We must understand the immediate need to protect our environment for the welfare of ourselves ( Human Race ). Pollution free energy sources like Hydro energy, solar energy, wind energy etc should be used as an alternative source of energy to petroleum products.

World that we are living today is at a greater risk of being destroyed by the activities of ourselves (Humans). It is our responsibility to safeguard our world and environment for a better future.

After reading this, you may have come to a conclusion that what we can do as an individual to protect the environment? You are Wrong! You can reduce the usage of petroleum products by reducing the use of vehicles all the time. Start walking to the nearby places and stop unwanted use of vehicles.

Use electricity efficiently and don’t waste the electricity by simply forgetting to switch off the electrical and electronic devices like lights, fan etc. while not in use.